How does Five Gateways deliver the impact you’re looking for?

Five gateways is a unique programme developed for women leaders in business and female entrepreneurs who want to step into their voice, power and mission so they can move up and accomplish great things.

Your journey through the programme is carefully designed and experienced in two parts over four days, including a residential and combines one to one coaching with our psychology of identity and performance coaches, and group work to ensure you pass through every gate with increased confidence, strength and influence.

The result of passing through the five gates is that you are able to be your authentic self, refreshed with a new mission, purpose and a strong voice which is capable of engaging and delivering your message so it will catapult you into the next stage of your career and life.

How will you know you're there?

Only when you acknowledge your unique qualities and embrace them can you lead with all of your strength and be able to deliver and present your message for all to see, feel and hear your impact.

At the end of Gate Five Smash, your resulting transformation, inner confidence, the vision of your new leadership brand and strength will mean you will be able to stand in front of your group and present your leadership story and message with passion, presence and power.

You will also have gained a new sense of clarity of confidence and assertiveness around your ability to influence, negotiate and strategise.

So how does it work?

Where can you experience your Five Gateways Journey?

Five gateways is delivered from its home in the tranquil and nourishing surroundings of the heart of Yorkshire, the home of personal transformation. With good Yorkshire food, inspiring landscapes and the head space to create the change you want away from the demands and distractions of your usual day to day.

Is it for me?

If you want a step change in your career and influence so you can deliver maximum impact, quickly and with real confidence, then Five Gateways is for you.

To invest in your career and life by attending the Five Gateways programme, or to chat and find out more about how others have benefitted, call one of our coaches who would love to talk to you more.



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