So how does it work?

The First Part

The first part is a whole day of one to one focused and immersive coaching designed to deliver shift and change straight away.

Gate One Ground

You will have the opportunity to explore your current reality and create your desired impact outcome with an individual coaching session with our psychology of identity coach, Bec Howard.

Bec will help you understand and explore the limiting beliefs that are impeding your success and holding you back, she will then help you eradicate them so you can move lighter, freer and energised with a new sense of direction through Gate One.

Gate Two Assert

Your one to one session with our psychology of performance coach, Dannie - Lu Carr, will create a rare chance to see yourself how others see you. This illuminating coaching session helps you appreciate your qualities and build on them so you leave this gate feeling reenergised, recharged and ready to take your empowered self and your message back to your office and home and be who you want to be.

Your success through the first part of the programme is both enjoyable and guaranteed, and our innovative approach to capturing your journey will help you reflect and own your ongoing change.

The Second Part

The second part of the programme sees you return for yet more transformation over three days and two nights.

You will be welcomed by your coaches, eager to learn about the changes that have already happened and you'll also meet and join a small group of like minded women who are on the same journey as you. Becoming part of this group, means you learn not only from your own experience but that of those around you making the second part and the final three gates an immersive, transformative experience which will bring real energy and focus to your next steps in your career and life. Being part of a unique group of women also creates the perfect opportunity to build a long term supportive and dynamic group where you can not only help one another continue to grow and perform with excellence, it also provides a great professional networking base.

Gate Three Tip

Gate Three Tip is passed on the first afternoon and evening in a further one to one coaching session held jointly with both coaches, this gives time for review of your journey so far and an opportunity to refresh and reengineer your impact outcome so the next two days deliver everything you need to move up and achieve and tip the balance in favour of your new vision for your career and leadership journey.

Gate Four Empower

Gate Four Empower is passed on day two which is a day of empowerment as you rewire and reboot your thinking to provide choice and flexibility in all of your communication. Eliminating preconceptions about your abilities, you are able to step into your new articulated leadership position and safely try it out. Developing congruent messaging, for your effectiveness and influencing you leave day two ready to be the leader you always wanted to be.

Gate Five Smash

Gate Five Smash is passed on day three.

Making it happen, galvanising all that you have learnt on your journey to date, we anchor you into your new vision, so you can connect, and engage with all of your future audiences be they a one to one, a team meeting or an audience of 1000. Elevating your connectiveness we heighten your impact, engagement and influence so you can confidently take your message out and energise and mobilise anybody, anywhere. The day is completed with you celebrating your journey by delivering your unique, inspirational presentation back to the group.

Where can you experience your Five Gateways Journey?