Stepping Up

A lack of confidence, feeling like you have limited options in terms of influence and strategy or not knowing what your next move is in terms of career progression are things people will voice early in their careers but unfortunately not so much as they progress through or indeed become senior in an organization.

For some reason, there is often a perception that by this stage in their careers they should ‘know it all’. This causes feelings of isolation, can compromise effectiveness in terms of holding back on commitment or create a tendency to overcompensate by going in too hard. Business relationships, health and career progression can all suffer.

This is exactly why we developed Stepping Up.

Stepping Up is a two-day confidential, immersive, residential programme for the top talent in any organization. It is ideal for those who are about to step up into a new role, for existing senior people who feel they need a safe development space to work in and for those who would like to advance their careers but feel that they are ‘stuck’.

We work with two people over two days and one evening. This is an intensive working retreat, mainly consisting of one to one work with Bec and Dannie and a working dinner in the evening.

The space is comfortable and nurturing in order to be able to open up and work from a place of truth and authenticity, to enable both trust and risk. Being in a neutral space is also key in terms of providing objectivity from the day to day working life and any patterns that may be related to it.

The Stepping Up programme is challenging, supportive and has long-term impact.

We use the Psychology of Identity and the Psychology of Performance as the building blocks of what we do. These are uniquely blended for every individual we work with according to where the focus needs to be.

Through getting rid of negative and limiting beliefs, reframing situations and working with fresh perspectives, our clients come away from these two days feeling confident, capable and inspired. They often talk about feeling transformed, and are always full of ideas and energy by day two.

People have come onto our Stepping Up programme for a wide variety of reasons. Some of them might include:

  • A need to influence and negotiate more effectively
  • A need to improve the generation and implementation of innovation and strategy
  • A need to increase professional confidence and leadership skills
  • A need to pitch and present more effectively
  • A need to raise visibility and step up into a new challenge at work
  • A need to hold the value of themselves and what they do
  • A need to own their message and communicate it effectively to target audiences, particularly in times of change and restructure

Stepping Up is delivered from the tranquil and nourishing surroundings of Yorkshire, the home of personal transformation. With good Yorkshire food, inspiring landscapes and the headspace to create the shifts you want away from the demands and distractions of your usual day to day, this is a powerful professional retreat.

We can also go to our clients at a nearer, neutral location if that is preferable.

Costs are £4,995 +VAT per person. This includes all coaching, accommodation and refreshments.